Cauliflower has been a favourite vegetable in the Netherlands for many years and is high on the list of those vegetables eaten most often. How cauliflower is experienced differs from country to country, with each having specific demands for size, colour, weight and packaging. Freeland trades in cauliflower from several European countries. 

In recent years Freeland has gained a great deal of knowledge about the trade in cauliflowers. Freeland can supply cauliflowers from growers at home and abroad that meet your specifications. 

Green asparagus is the green shoot which emerges from the root of the asparagus plant. Green asparagus gets its fresh green colour because it grows above ground and receives sufficient sunlight. Green asparagus is spicy and nutty in flavour. In general, green asparagus contain the most vitamins out of all the types of asparagus.








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This shiny green fruit is perfect for a green salad.The cucumber is also a delicious natural thirst-quencher which no fruit and vegetables section should be without.








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The sweet potato from the USA is not just another potato. It is in fact not related to the potato at all. The sweet potato is a root and can be eaten raw. The most common variety is the orange or pink. 






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The yellow sweet pepper has a fresh and sweet flavour. Bell peppers have a firm structure, making them great for stuffing, for example.